Standing Council on Health - Health Workforce 2025

Page last updated: 27 April 2012

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27 April 2012

Health Ministers today considered the Health Workforce 2025 Report which models expected workforce demand and supply for doctors, nurses and midwives to 2025.

While there may be debate over the modeling in this report it identifies indicative broad trends well into the future and without strong reform intervention these estimates will mean services may be unsustainable.

Ministers agreed that the report presents the need for essential coordinated, long term reforms by Governments, professions and the higher education and training sector to ensure Australia has an affordable and sustainable health workforce to meet the changing health needs of the Australian community.

This health workforce reform and innovation is imperative to the future sustainability of quality health services for the Australian community.

All Governments have made substantial investments in Australia’s health workforce and delivered more doctors and nurses then ever before. These investments have been significant; however, it is clear from the report that we must look further then just adding to the existing workforce profile. Other more innovative solutions are required. Looking further means new ways of thinking, new models of care and new roles and functions across the health workforce.

The report will provide the basis of the development of nationally coordinated responses to the identified challenges to be further considered by Ministers.

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