Health Workforce Scholarship Program

This page contains information on Health Workforce Scholarships

Page last updated: 06 April 2017

On 31 March 2017 the department, under direction of Assistant Minister Gillespie, opened the grant opportunity for the Health Workforce Scholarship Program. A number of organisations which have shown commitment to rural health and a capacity to fulfil the objectives of the program have been invited to apply. Applications close on Wednesday 3rd May 2017.

The 2015-16 Budget Measure, Streamlining Health Workforce Scholarships announced the development of a new scholarship program to better target financial support to health professionals working in communities most in need. The aim of the Health Workforce Scholarship Program is to deliver scholarships based on community need and to address health professional shortages.

The design of the new program is being finalised and will be operational in 2017. Consistent with the Government’s commitment, new rounds of scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce will continue.

Stakeholder Consultation

Consultation with stakeholders was conducted by the Department, information about that process can be found on the consultation page.