The following is information on the Graduate Development Program application process and its phases.

Page last updated: 04 January 2018

Applications for the 2019 Graduate Development Program will open in March 2018.


Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be contacted after each phase of recruitment. Please note, at each phase applicants will be shortlisted out so please ensure that you complete each step in the process to the best of your ability.

Phase 1—Online applications

Applications for our 2019 Graduate Development Program open in March, to apply for the 2019 Graduate Development Program please complete our online application form

Phase 2—Vetting

The eligibility information on the application; i.e., Australian citizenship and date by which the degree will be completed, will be checked to ensure all applicants are eligible for the Graduate Development Program. Any applicants who did not meet the basic eligibility requirements will be immediately deemed unsuccessful for the program.

Phase 3—Elements Online Ability Assessments

The first step in the process is the Elements Online Ability Assessments. Elements Online Ability Assessments is a suite of ability tests that measure your reasoning skills in interpreting written information and reports, using figures, data and statistics, and understanding and manipulating abstract or logical symbols.

Phase 4— Telephone Interview

The telephone interview is expected to take between 12-15 minutes. It contains four questions.

Phase 5—Assessment centre

Assessment centres will be held in major cities, where there is a sufficient number of applicants from that region. Applicants will attend the assessment centre at their preferred city. Each assessment centre will include a series of assessments to assess the behaviours and capabilities of applicants. The assessment will last about half a day and will be comprised of a written work sample test, a group discussion and a behavioural interview. Attendance at the assessment centres is mandatory and if you fail to show up on time, you may be deemed unsuccessful automatically.

Applicants residing overseas

Applicants who are overseas during the recruitment process are still able to complete the process. The application and the cognitive ability test can be completed online and we can conduct the next screening process while you are overseas. If progressed to the stage of an assessment centre than you will be required to complete the assessment centre in Australia.


All candidates will be contacted to be advised if they have been placed in the merit pool. From there candidates may be offered a place on the Graduate Development Program.

Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted by email. The option of feedback will exist for all applicants once the process has been finalised.