Principles for Grant Administration

This page provides information about some of the principles used by the Department of Health to manage grant funding rounds

Page last updated: 06 March 2017

The department aspires to apply these principles to all grant rounds noting that there will be some instances where divergence from these principles will be necessary to respond to unforeseen circumstances. The application of these principles is intended to provide some visibility to grant applicants, in particular the not-for-profit sector, about what to expect.

Timing of grants rounds

  • Application processes will generally be open for no less than six weeks from the date of approach to market.
  • Grant rounds will generally not be open to applicants over the Christmas period, and in most cases grant rounds will close at least one week before Christmas. However, if the convening of a grants round over the Christmas period is unavoidable, extra time will generally be allowed for the lodgement of grant applications and the grant round will generally close no earlier than late January.
  • Grants rounds will generally not commence in the first three weeks of January.

Other principles

  • A three month transition period will generally be provided to current grantees that are unsuccessful in obtaining further funding (e.g. current grantees will be notified that they are unsuccessful by 31 March for agreements expiring on 30 June).
  • Current grantees that are short-listed for further funding will not be expected to operate without a funding agreement in place (i.e. a new agreement will be executed prior to the expiry of the current agreement).

We welcome your feedback

Whether you are a past, present or future grant recipient, we are keen to hear from you. Please email our enquiries inbox if you would like to provide any feedback about grant administration.

We are committed to treating your feedback seriously. Any comments received via our enquiries inbox will be acknowledged and will receive a response.