Evaluation of Cost Recovery for the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator

Evaluation of Cost Recovery for the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator

Page last updated: 14 October 2013

In the May 2013 budget, the Commonwealth Government announced funding for the assessment and development of a potential cost recovery model for services provided by the Gene Technology Regulator. The model is to be considered by Government in 2014-15.

Next Steps

During 2013, the Department of Health will be assessing the potential for cost recovery options in relation to OGTR operations. This will include, with assistance from OGTR, analysis of OGTR activities and the sector that it regulates, together with the development of potential cost recovery models. This work will be conducted in compliance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines. Importantly, extensive consultation will occur with key stakeholders, including all regulated organisations, the general public, relevant Commonwealth and State / Territory government agencies and the LGFGT.

Further information will be provided, and stakeholder comments sought, as this work progresses throughout the year via the Department of Health website consultations page and via direct liaison with key stakeholders.


The national scheme for regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is underpinned by the Gene Technology Act 2000(Cth)(the GT Act) and related State and Territory legislation. It is administered by the Gene Technology Regulator with the support of the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) within the Commonwealth Department of Health (Health). The regulatory scheme aims to protect the health and safety of people, and protect the environment, by identifying and managing risks posed by or as a result of gene technology.

When the scheme was introduced in 2001, the intention to recover costs was foreshadowed, with section 127 of the GT Act making provision for the Regulator to charge for services. An underlying principle of cost recovery policy is that agencies should set charges to recover all the costs of products or services, where it is efficient and effective to do so. In light of the developing maturity of the sector, it is now appropriate to assess possible options for the cost recovery that might provide a sustainable basis for funding OGTR operations into the future.

Email and Postal address

email: ogtr.cost.recovery@health.gov.au
Mail: GT Forum Secretariat
Department of Health and Ageing
MDP 138
GPO Box 9848

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