Biosimilar Awareness Initiative

The Initiative was announced in May 2015 as part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Access and Sustainability Package. The aim of the Initiative is to support awareness of, and confidence in, the use of biosimilar medicines for healthcare professionals and consumers.

Page last updated: 27 April 2017

A table of biological medicines currently listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) can be found under the browse tab on the PBS website.

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Biosimilar etanercept (BrenzysŪ): PBS listed 1 April 2017

National Medicines Policy

The Australian Government is a key partner in the National Medicines Policy which supports four central objectives of:

  • timely access to the medicines that Australians need, at a cost individuals and the community can afford;
  • medicines meeting appropriate standards of quality, safety and efficacy;
  • quality use of medicines; and
  • maintaining a responsible and viable medicines industry.

Biosimilar medicines represent a means to further the objectives of the National Medicines Policy, by enhancing access to medicines and by maintaining a competitive market. These objectives also align with the World Health Organization’s definition of the rational use of medicines.

Biosimilar Awareness Initiative Project Management Plan

The purpose of the Project Management Plan is to provide a framework for the project and to guide the progress of the Initiative over the three year term. As part of the project governance, the Department established a Steering Committee and a Stakeholder Reference Group. Both the Steering Committee and the Reference Group have been consulted regarding the Project Management Plan.

The Plan will be used to inform the longer term development and implementation of the awareness project.

You can access a copy of the Project Management Plan here:

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