The new approach to aged care complaints: A Department and industry dialogue

Presentation to the Tri-State Conference on 28 February 2011 by First Assistant Secretary, Iain Scott and Assistant Secretary, Lucelle Veneros

Page last updated: 17 March 2011

The 20th annual Tri-State Conference was held in Albury from 27 February to 1 March 2011, bringing together aged care professionals from NSW, Victoria and South Australia. First Assistant Secretary for the Office of Aged Care Quality and Compliance, Iain Scott, and Assistant Secretary for the Aged Care Complaints Scheme, Lucelle Veneros, addressed the sector on the topic The new approach to aged care complaints: a Department and industry dialogue.

The presentation outlined the progress the Scheme is making in strengthening its complaints management approach, in response to the Walton Review, and the positive changes the sector should be starting to see. Iain and Lucelle also outlined the Department's commitment to ongoing engagement and consultation with the aged care sector in the development and implementation of key reforms.

The new approach to aged care complaints: A Department and industry dialogue: Presentation to the Tri-State Conference

A fact sheet was distributed to Tri-State attendees, outlining some of the key reforms that will deliver significant benefits for aged care providers, care recipients and their representatives. Reforms include expanded options for resolving complaints, including local resolution where possible; a risk-based approach for escalating and considering complaints; strengthened focus on procedural fairness; improved communication and stakeholder engagement; ensuring Scheme staff are skilled and effective; and improved transparency and accountability.

Strengthening the Aged Care Complaints Scheme: Fact sheet for stakeholders

For more information about the reforms or to participate in consultation activities, send an email to the Aged Care Complaints Scheme